ASTROLOGY: Madame Zia on the Full Moon in Leo – August 7th

By Madame Zia
Monday the 7th of August is a full moon in the fiery light loving sign of Leo. This is a very powerful full moon with a partial lunar eclipse that precedes the grand solar eclipse that will leave Oregon gasping for breath. This lunar eclipse opens the gate into the next two weeks of intense energy.
It really started on Friday the 4th when the moon moved next to Pluto in Capricorn to shed some light on the powerful square to the magnanimous Jupiter in Libra. This is the third and final square between Jupiter and Pluto that has been happening since November 24th 2016. Squares are dynamic transits that require evolution. Pluto in Capricorn is the responsible one that is demanding that we talk about sustainability for our Earth mother for 7 generations to come. (Or else!) Jupiter in Libra is calling for working together in meaningful conscious relationships. And right there in the middle of it all was the Moon mother shining her light on it.
Then the Moon mother moved into Aquarius on Sunday the 6th and will swell to full on Monday directly across from the Sun in Leo conjunct (right next to) Mars. This is a hot hot hot time in the town tonight!

PAY ATTENTION! Now is the time to be careful what you feed!
This dynamic transit along with the Leo/Aquarius full moon is like a lunar wind ruffling your hair and stirring your senses. It is inviting you to fan the flames of desire to dream and imagine what could be. This lunar wind can also stir within you the desire to consume, conquer and devour.
This transit reminds me of an old First People’s tale of the two wolves within us that are constantly at war. (But given this powerful Leo time I will take the liberty to change them to Lions.) One of them is a shadow lion that is clouded with hatred, greed, fear and self-centeredness that consumes all energy around them. The other one is a clear eyed lion that exudes courage, kindness, radiant love and confidence that shares the light freely. The one that wins inside you is the one you feed.
The question to ask yourself today and through the grand solar eclipse on the 21st is which lion do you want to feed? And what shall you feed it? Observe your thoughts and feelings closely and release any thoughts that do not feed the lion committed to love. Let those thoughts pass over the sun like the shadow that is coming on August 21st and then is gone in minutes. Choose love and be gentle with yourself and others, this is an intense time!