ASTROLOGY: Mars goes direct – Take heart my friends!

By Madame Dana Zia
Mars stations direct on November 13th, after 2 months of retrograde in its home sign of Aries. Can I have a hands in the air “hallelujah!”? Now things that have been frozen up and causing us to slip and slide about, might actually start to move forward. This isn’t going to be a fast thaw where “life as normal” starts to clip forward at a fast or even normal pace. This is going to be a S–L–O–W thaw, drip by drip till November 24th. That is when Mars will move off of 15 degrees Aries, where it has been for weeks. Even though this thaw is slow, you will still feel progress and be able to make decisions where you haven’t been able to.

Mars is the planet of energy, action, desire and drive. Where it is located in your personal natal chart shows how we go about getting things done. It also represents your inner warrior and how you attack things. Mars only goes retrograde every couple years for 2-3 months. (BTW we all know planets don’t go backwards but they have the illusion of doing so when in a retrograde phase.) When Mars is in a retrograde cycle, we are forced to slow down and reassess our current path, goals and desires. This is a time to step back from the plate and observe the situation and act with deliberate mindfulness. And with Mars in Aries, its favorite sign that loves to go fast, this retrograde has been a little more difficult than usual ones. The energy feels particularly chaotic and thwarted and we all feel battle weary.
With Mars going direct today, November 13th, it is good to know we can start seeing movement, even if ever so slowly, towards being back on track. But with Covid-19 rearing its ugly head with vengeance once again, I believe these words from the wise and well-spoken astrologer Lynn Bell are very appropriate. “We understand the warrior’s courage, the ability to act under threat, and face an enemy directly. But there is another kind of courage that comes from the wisdom of knowing when not to act, when not to speak. Mars will be direct, but still calls us to deep consideration before acting, and to patience.”
Take heart my friends! Mars going direct right before the New Moon in Scorpio initiates a new beginning, even if it is a cautious one. Meanwhile, breathe, slow down and find your center with movement, meditation, creativity and/or communing with nature. Take the action of choosing mindfulness. This too shall pass.