ASTROLOGY: Mars Going Direct 8/27/18

By Madame Dana Zia
“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away shadows” -St. Francis of Assisi
The Pisces Full Moon floated in on Sunday and patted us on the head for being brave and glorious through the summer of retrogrades. Things come to an end in Pisces, especially our attachments and this summer has been about releasing those. It’s been a great time to surrender our emotional grip in places where we need to let go. Surrender is a very powerful force that lies at the core of Pisces. This is not about surrendering to the power of another person or to any external force. It is about surrendering the struggle of having to make it happen, to push, to shove and to grit our teeth and force it. This has not been the summer of that. No, it has been the summer of letting Spirit support us and to learn that we do not have to go at it alone.

The Full Moon luminously opened the window with a gilded gentle wind for Mars to turn his face toward the light and step forward into a healthy masculine energy. He stationed yesterday in Capricorn and will go direct today after his two month retrograde. He has become renewed again, washed of all his pain and inner turmoil.
In perfectly synchronicity, the Moon has moved into Aries (one of Mars’ favorite signs) to conjunct Chiron who is square Saturn in Capricorn (which is one of his favorite signs!) These are both very masculine signs that can save us or harm us. This gives us all a collective glimpse into the wound that holds the male captive in an unhealthy structure that is rotten and failing. In the spirit of “As above, so below” — what is the wound within us all that holds the inner masculine back from being a healthy, strong, loving energy that cares for the planet and its inhabitants? We don’t have to fix it but visualize it. What does a healthy masculine energy look like? Breathe life into that vision and send it out. Let us all welcome Mars going direct with this simple action. The Moon is holding the window open for this vision to be sent out to the Universe to multiply and grow.