ASTROLOGY: Mars retrograde, again

By Madame Dana Zia
Patience. That is the key word that describes Mars retrograde. Flat tire, it can happen, but three flat tires, Mars retrograde. Car battery dead, twice. House you were going to buy turns out to have both a rotten roof and a spring running under the house. Anyone you communicate with on this matter either forgets or doesn’t get the message. It takes a week to complete a transaction that takes a few hours. This is all Mars retrograde fun and notice that all of it takes patience.

This Mars retrograde is an extraordinary one that invites us all to take notice with it opposing winged Mercury and square to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. It is determined, with the strength of a warrior and through unexpected quick changes, to make sure that we don’t go get what we desire through action. Mars is requiring the practice of patience to get what we desire.

I raised three children single handedly and I thought I knew patience through that heroic act. No, I knew action through that. I’m learning a new kind of patience through this Mars retrograde that is like that of a hunter. Moving slowly and carefully allows you to take in more of your senses and see what is a possible game trail to follow. It is having a nose to the ground and watching for opportunities to spring up. It is waiting for Spirit to show the way opposed to crashing through the underbrush and getting ticks. Mars RX is teaching me that waiting isn’t just excruciating, it is interesting. What will show up? What if it is way more amazing than what I could dare even dream up? Patience and waiting = reward. Now I have till August 27th to practice it. Hummmm.

What are you learning from Mars retrograde?