ASTROLOGY: Mercury direct, Yeah!

By Madame Dana Zia
Mercury went direct after a very powerful retrograde in Aquarius yesterday, February 20th. (Can I have a hallelujah?) Mercury went retrograde on January 30th, he went backwards and ended up getting passed up by the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. He went direct on Saturday and will linger for a bit in Aquarius like waking up from a restful sleep till March 15. Then Mercury will resume his snappy pace till the next retrograde on May 29th.

I’m the first person to feel that Mercury retrogrades have gotten a bad rap. They get blamed for everything that goes wrong during that 3 week period that happens 3 times a year. I more understand Mercury retrogrades as time to review where you are putting your energy and reorganize your life to focus on the important things in life. In my experience, things start to short out when we do not step back from our computers, cell phones or overbooked schedules and take in life. It’s like a scheduled retreat window that reveals the areas where we’ve gotten too consumed by going fast. It is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate where you want to spend your energy.

I’ve got to admit however that this Mercury retrograde in the sign of electricity showed up in interesting ways! Entire power grids have failed in Texas and massive power outages have plagued the US during this time. Even here on the property that we manage, we had a main breaker blow the day Mercury went retrograde. It has certainly revealed the weaknesses in our electrical systems — personal and community wise! Hopefully with Mercury going direct, our power grids can get back up and running smoothly.

The next few days Mercury will stand still at a balance point before it starts to move forward. It is a beautiful time to reflect on what lessons have been gained from the retrograde period. Choose one lesson to focus on and how you are going to change it in your life. What actions do you need to take to bring about the change so that the next retrograde you have balanced it? Remember, baby steps, just like Mercury takes when coming out of a retrograde.