ASTROLOGY: Mercury retrograde Jan 14 2022- Holding Space

By Madame Dana Zia
Mercury joins Venus in the “retrograde club” today the 14th of January 2022, when it enters into its first retrograde of the year. This retrograde is in the sign of Aquarius but will make its way back into Capricorn before going direct on February 3rd. This is the perfect retrograde to work on that whirling mind.
Mercury usually goes retrograde three times a year, but every so often we experience four retrogrades in one year. 2022 is one of those years. I know, I can hear your eyes rolling around in your head but I believe it is a signal that the Universe really wants us to slow down, reflect, regroup, review and reconsider. This might come as a blow to those of us that want to charge out of the whacky box we’ve been in the last two years, yet we aren’t.quite.there. Breathe and settle down. We can do this.

This retrograde is going to be focused on our minds. Mercury rules over communication and how we think. Aquarius is also associated with the mind, higher learning and community. (Ever looked at the symbol for Aquarius? It’s little waves that represent brain waves not water waves.) So with Mercury entering its first retrograde of this year in Aquarius we are being given the gift to assess our thoughts and mental health.
They figure that a normal human brain thinks around 20k thoughts a day! (How they figured that out is beyond me.) That is stunning. If we try to keep up with the busy bee brain of ours, we will never sleep and feel like we are failures for not living 10 lifetimes in one. Mercury retrogrades are balancing times to slllooooowww dooooowwwnnn and work on being discerning what we believe of those thoughts.
Despite Mercury retrogrades getting a bad rap, I feel they are excellent times to connect with our subconscious with greater ease. I find a thought journal very productive. I write down the dominate thoughts swirling in my brain and weed out the ones that are not serving me. It is rather incredible all the silly thoughts that we are trying to believe that we make up.
Once your thoughts are more exposed then pick wisely the ones you want to believe. If you don’t have a lot of thoughts that bring you happiness and positive progress, time to make some up that you want to believe! We have that choice.
This Mercury retrograde starts out with a square to the planet Uranus the planet of change and revolution. This gives more oomph to this retrograde to consciously change our minds. Use this energy to focus on finding your center and creating spaciousness in your busy schedule. This is not a time to be goal oriented even though we feel pressured because a new year arrived. Know that the energy will shift again and we’ll feel inspired to push forward, but for now, it is perfectly ok to grant ourselves grace.