ASTROLOGY: Moon Party This Weekend 4/6/18

By Madame Dana Zia

Our lovely la bella luna, The Moon, is moving into Capricorn today for a big party in Capricorn for the weekend. She joins a few of the largest asteroids in our solar system, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto there. They are on one side of the room with their arms crossed and at a 90 angle from them is Chiron (another large asteroid about to go into Aries) Mercury, Sun and Uranus. Can you just imagine what kind of party that might be? I bet a very interesting one! And guess what? We are all going to be there!

This will be a great weekend for either dithering about what you want to do or just doing it. Both Capricorn and Aries have one thing in common — they love to achieve and get ‘er done. They love meaningful tasks that make a difference in the world. Capricorn loves to manage and organize while Aries loves projects and action. Yet, with them squaring off with each other, the energy could get very preoccupied with head banging and rule enforcement that results in zero getting accomplished. This is a great weekend to make a sizable dent in that spring “to do” list if you don’t spin your wheels by overthinking or over-managing it. Just do it.