ASTROLOGY: Navigating Mercury Retrograde

By Madame Dana Zia
Mercury went retrograde on the 5th within the New Moon window and will go direct on the 28th. This is the first of Mercury’s three retrogrades this year with the next one being in July and the last one in November. This retrograde takes place entirely in the sweet sign of Pisces and prompts us to re-evaluate, renovate, and re-invent — the Pisces’ outlook and mindset. This will be particularly strong March 14th when Mercury conjoins the Sun at 24 degrees Pisces and March 24th when Mercury conjoins Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces.

Mercury retrogrades have gotten quite a bad rap the last few years but in truth, they are more just misunderstood. When Mercury is retrograde it feels like this sure-footed planets has lost its footing and fell down a slippery slope into a hole. Down there, Mercury calls to us to become more right-brain oriented, which can feel frustrating and awkward if we are insisting on continuing to function in our left brain, particularly when the retrograde is in Pisces, a VERY right brained sign.
Mercury retrogrades hold tremendous magic in them if one fully understands that they are about SLOWING down and inhabiting the right brain. So while this one occurs in Pisces, it is a very potent time to reconnect with your hopes, wishes and dreams. A dream journal is an effective tool during this retrograde to see what your dreams, hidden in the shadows, reveal to you. It is an excellent time to do those art/music/creative projects you feel you are just too busy for.
One must ask oneself, am I really too busy to enjoy creating beauty? How about if I take that time I spend surfing online and apply it towards making magic appear? Or how about spend it in meditation or communing with nature? This is a time that is well spent in the dreamy veils and creativeness of Pisces. Give yourself permission to dive into the rainbow waters and swim about. You might find you actually enjoy Mercury retrogrades when you learn what fun they can be!