ASTROLOGY: Neptune Conjunctions Provide Powerful Opportunities – 4/8/19

By Madame Dana Zia
How ya all doing out there? The Solar System is busy as a beaver applying pressure for us all to be our higher selves. The time has come to take responsibility for what our higher selves have woven in the stars for us. Yes, we co-create with the solar system to receive wisdom and direction from it. We are not a victim to the fate of our charts or star stories, we are brilliant light beings that inform the stars as much as they inform us. As above, so below. Isn’t that an empowering feeling?

The planetary alignments are such right now that we are being given the perfect downloads for whatever we need to create. Take your pick!
Venus, Neptune and Mercury are still conjunct in Pisces the sign of alternate realities and dreaming. This alignment is encouraging the desire to get off screens, slow down, breathe and dream. Mercury has finally found his wings he laid down during the retrograde period and will be zooming forward now. Venus has stepped into her place now to conjunct with her big sister Neptune, picking up the dream journal where Mercury laid it. They will be beaming down this luscious Spirit filled energy for the next few days. Take 10 minutes today and enjoy this download. Tune in and see what they have to share with you!
The Aries Sun is squaring Pluto conjunct the South Node and Saturn giving us courage to give a good Shaman’s death to what burdens from the past that we are still carrying. Astrologer Tami Brunk said recently about this; “It is time to ask yourself honestly… what must I die to in my life right now? Where have I been living in distortion and denial? Where have I been carrying the burden of the past so dutifully that I have lost my way and my own personal direction of truth?”
What a powerful and dynamic opportunity to lay down our burdens and step lightly forward with grace and responsibility! Can you dream that? First you might need to just feel what responsibility it is that you need to let die, then you can address the extraction process. If you chose not to heed this call, most likely the responsibility will be taken from you or cause great discomfort. This alignment in Capricorn, the sign of the responsible elder, is going to keep intensifying over the next few months so get a jump start on this and plan exit strategies.
Then Mars and the Moon are having a moment together in the early degrees of Gemini, beaming down the last laugh. Relax, this is all a dream and we have the choice to conceive this experience however we want. How do you want to receive this energy? Shirk the burden of being at “effect” and receive the energy from our stars that give you “cause”.