ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Aquarius 1/21/23 @ 12:53 pm PST – Moving forward with care

By Madame Dana Zia
The New Moon in Aquarius brings her undeniable energy to the Earth with massive king tides on Janurary 21, 2023. This is a historical New Moon because she is the closest to the Earth in 992 years! Yes, you read that right. And she won’t be this close for another 345 years. Wowza! We are so lucky to be here on Earth during this amazing New Moon.

Even though you won’t be able to see the Moon you will be able to feel her pull (literally) by going out at high tide and observing the king tides that will be phenomenal! These tides will last all weekend so if you are lucky to live near the ocean, go check it out but be safe. You can also see a weeny sliver of a New Moon on the western horizon starting Sunday night and it will be BIG! It will be worth going on a quest to see if the skies are clear.

Ok, let’s talk the astrology of this BIG of a New Moon. The Sun just moved into Aquarius on the 19th so it is a young Sun filled with hope and promise. This Moon is the start of the Chinese New Year — Year of the Yin Rabbit, so a fresh air is gently filling our sails to move towards the horizon of our choice. Jupiter is also favorably aspecting this New Moon so he lends his enthusiasm and desire to grow to it. You will feel a new spring in your step and fresh ideas tickling at your consciousness.

This is helped because Mars (on the 12th) and Mercury (on the 18th) have just stationed direct after Mars being retrograde for 2.5 months and Mercury, 3 weeks. This winter has been a true blue go into your cave and hibernate sort of one with these two planets apparently retrograde. (I wrote more on it in my last post if you’d like to learn more.) Plus Uranus is stationing direct right at the moment of this New Moon. He is the last planet to go direct and after this, all planets will be direct!

Now all of these planets are yawning and stretching and slowly moving forward. And I’m talking SLOWLY! So even though our society and conditioning wants us to lurch forward with vigor, it is not that time. This enormous New Moon with her aspects are breathing with us to slowly wake up with them.

What if we chose to let go of taking on HUGE goals and grand schemes and just do small doable steps? There is very good research that is showing that micro changes are the most successful ones that last, where big changes don’t last as long. What if we can embrace letting go of being productive and purposeful all the time? What if we make “time well wasted” just as important?

So even with Mars and Mercury moving incrementally forward now and this New Moon and Jupiter whispering a fresh start, the forward movement needs to be done with consciousness and gentleness. The energy reminds me of when one starts to feel better after being ill or lame. You are able to start doing things again and you feel much better but your need to respect your stamina and not overdo it. Go gentle into the night for this New Moon and allow things to bloom slowly.
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