ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Aquarius – A great time to dump out the brain box!

By Madame Dana Zia
The New Moon in Aquarius arrives at 11:05am PST to a think tank in Aquarius. This is the first time since the 60s that so much hubbub is going on there. Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury (retrograde), Sun and now the Moon are all in Aquarius. (That’s called a stellium in Astrology when 4 or more planets are gathered in a sign.) The days surrounding this New Moon are going to be electric with energy from this most cerebral of the zodiac signs!

This New Moon is also the advent of the Chinese New Year which is the most celebrated festival in China and extremely important to their culture. This year, they are celebrating the Year of the Ox coming in. People born in the year of the Ox have an overtone to their charts that is like a rendition of Taurus, solid earthy individuals that are loyal, strong, hardworking, dependable and honest in nature. They are also stubborn and said to have poor communication skills.
Here is your Astrology trivia for the day; Chinese Astrology is based on the placement of Jupiter in your birth chart, which I love. Jupiter goes around the Sun every 12 years and so therefore spends one year (roughly) in an astrology sign. This is how the Chinese started their tradition of what year it is based on astrology.
Aquarius, first and foremost is about thinking up some new ways of doing things and being for a better future. It is a sign that brings energy from above and redirects it downward into Earthly matters. The constellation that represents Aquarius is the “Water Bearer” which traditionally depicts a man, pouring water out of a jar and above his head, we see the stars. An outpouring of ideas from the heavens is part of this cerebral sign. Every Aquarius that I’ve ever known is full of good ideas! They also enjoying being different than anyone they know and don’t mind bucking the system and questioning authority.
With all this intense focus in Aquarius, we are having lots of great ideas pour into our heads to be created into useful structures to thrive in. The thoughts might be coming like a waterfall or twinkling in, but they are there for us all to access. With this energy taking place in a New Moon window, it is one of the best times in a couple of decades to organize these thoughts into what you want to act on.
Take some well spent time to do a thought download onto paper or a document. This will help you dump out your brain box to sort out the junk and mediocre thoughts and keep the treasure ones to act on. This will be extremely beneficial. (I cannot emphasis this enough!) With Jupiter and Saturn there, we have a great window here to organize our thoughts into a structure that we can make a plan on that will benefit our future selves. Aquarius is the sign of the future thinkers so seize this powerful New Moon portal to plan your future, personally and collectively!