ASTROLOGY: New Moon In Cancer 2021 – Radical Love

By Madame Dana Zia
We have an interesting New Moon in Cancer arriving on a bit of a crashing wave today, July 9th at 6:17 pm PDT. This New Moon brings with it the powerful possibility of shifting unhealthy relationships towards empowering and enriching ones.
The New Moon in Cancer has the strong signature of nurturing and an extra dose of heart energy that makes one want to cozy up with our loved ones and have some quality time. It also brings up desires for a safe and secure home filled with hugs and home-cooked food. So the question is, “How can I bring this desire into feeling at home within myself which will reflect in others?” What thoughts and actions can you change to bring nurturing and love to both your outer and inner worlds?

These questions are particularly fruitful during this New Moon as it has a beautiful and slightly challenging aspect of Venus and Mars conjoined (next to each other) in Leo square Uranus and opposing Saturn. This means that there is opportunity to bring a potent change to our relationships with self and others through rewriting the rule book and/or with a bit of restructuring. If you could envision a healthy and empowering relationship with both yourself and others, what would it look like? What do you need to change to get that? The download is available for this shift right now, open to it and act on it.
Cancers are one of the misunderstood signs of the Zodiac as they tend to be thought of as sentimental, temperamental and for cozying up in their shells till they’ve fully processed their emotions. While there is some truth in this, they are actually a cardinal sign that is tough stuff and action oriented. (Ever try to stand between a mother bear and her cub?) They are fiercely protective of their family and loved ones and will row across great oceans for them. This New Moon calls for this kind of fierce love (Venus and Mars in Leo with the T-square to Uranus and Saturn) to be applied into our inner and outer lives to bring more contentment to our lives.
T-squares are a dynamic transit that inspires action through pressure and feeling frustrated or ensnared. So this energy can inspire change and action by reaching a breaking point that forces us to restructure and clean up our act in our relationships, within and without. This is the stuff of breakthrough and change.
Remember, this Cancer New Moon is ultimately about being very, very kind to ourselves and others. If harsh words and actions come up during it, breathe and act from love and your heart. Own your stuff you need to work on and set a course of action to have healthier and more vibrant relationships within and without.
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