ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Cancer 2022 ~ Take a retreat

By Madame Dana Zia
Welcome to the “feel the feels” New Moon in Cancer floating in today, June 28th at 7:51pm PDT. This is a powerful New Moon to embrace and enjoy your loved ones with. It also has an influence from Neptune that gives this Moon a bit of a magical nuance that is always desired.
New Moons are a powerful time to reset parts of our lives that aren’t working for us and this Moon has some good juice to help us with it. The juice will come in the form of amplified feelings that could take you to your knees but ultimately will be cleansing and guide you towards being more in touch with your needs.

The amplification comes from an intense transit with Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet that represents new horizons, possibilities and growth. Everything Jupiter touches intensifies and with him squaring (a dynamic transit) the sensitive Cancer Moon, so it will be important to give room to feel your feelings. This is an important navigational tool to this Moon!
Neptune is dancing with this New Moon energy as well. It has been slowing down and stationing to go retrograde the day after this New Moon. This lends its energy to this New Moon in a magical way. Neptune magnifies creativity, imagination and spirituality but it also brings an element of illusion to it. When Neptune goes retrograde, the veils of illusion lift and you might just see that path you’ve been frantically searching for. It is also an excellent time for dream work, spiritual journeying or taking that retreat that’s been calling you.
This Moon is a good one to feel the feels, spend time cooking with your loved ones and open up to a magical download from Neptune. Overall, we should have a bit of a lightening of energy from it that we all could use! Take a break from your screens and the news and get outside to drink in this summer Moon!