ASTROLOGY: New moon in Gemini June 13

By Madame Dana Zia
On Wednesday there will be a “supermoon” New Moon in Gemini at 12:40pm. A New Moon travels with the Sun during the day and even though it is a “supermoon” new moon, which means it is one of the times when the moon is closest to the Earth, but you won’t see it. It is the dark of the Moon. It is considered “new” because the Ancients that observed the Moon thought it had disappeared into the void during this cycle but was reborn again when the tiny sliver of the moon peeked out from around the Earth’s shadow. So it was brand new….again. New Moons are consequently excellent times to begin new projects, turn over a new leaf or in general start anew.

New Moons always occur in the same sign that the Sun is in, so since the Sun is in Gemini, so is the Moon. So during New Moons, the sign of the month is particularly magnified. This year the New Moon energy is even stronger because Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, is conjunct (right next to) the Moon and the Sun. Super Gemini alert! On top of that, the asteroid, Chiron, which is associated with our original wounds and wisdom born from pain, is squaring off with this Gemini energy making this is a VERY anxious time. Our minds are running away with us with this and that possibly. It’s like having a room full of rabbits on bunny meth trying to escape. Yeah, not very calming.
It is time to talk about Gemini.
Gemini is the sign of the twins and is an air sign that loves to think. It embodies curiosity, creative genius, quick wit, intelligence and an ever seeking mind, roaming constantly for the answers to who-knows-what but someday that Gemini just-might-need that information. This is the sign of the monkey mind that swings from tree to tree looking for the perfect fruit to eat and absorb. A strong intellect is one of the signatures of the Gemini but it is lightened by their great sense of humor.
Geminis have an excellent sense of humor and are the first to laugh at their antics and it is a good thing too because antics are what a Gemini is all about. They are inquisitive like a cat and this can get them into trouble. You know the old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.” That is Gemini and one of the things that they need to ask themselves all the time, “Do I need to go down that rabbit hole?” “Do I really want to find the queen of hearts and have her try to take off my head?”
Which brings us back to this New (super) Moon in Gemini. So this is a time when we may experience anxiety generated by fearful illusions of the mind that cloud our judgment and create mental confusion. One of the biggest challenges during a Gemini transit is to know our own mind so we can discern truth from illusion. So if something’s caused you to question what you thought you knew to be true — come back to your heart by connecting with your breath until you can feel what resonates as truth. Don’t always believe in your mind! It can convince you to run away with it, to go camping on a volcano.
Another form of this is submitting to a group mind that undermines our ability to think for ourselves. Is that your truth? Or is it anothers that doesn’t agree with your ideals? Stop, look and listen during this transit.
This Gemini influence may also reveal how our mind can sabotage our heart’s deepest desires as a habitual pattern by projecting multiple reasons that diminish the plausibility of our soul’s intent. Since Gemini is the sign of creative manifestation, do consider harnessing the power of this new moon by visualizing with gratitude and affirming your highest hopes.
This is a great time for communication, multi-tasking, research and networking. It is also a powerful time to “renew” or start creative projects, particularly that have to do with the literary arts, music, marketing and web design. It is a fun and fascinating transit if you focus on what is true for you and creative ventures. It is also a time that you can easily overcommit, overbook, and over think.