ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Leo 2021 – August 9, 2021 – Showing up

By Madame Dana Zia

Greetings Earthlings! The Leo New Moon makes a roaring entrance on 8/8/21 at 6:50am PDT on GIANT puddy tat paws! This New Moon’s roar is rattling our bones and bringing up all our self-worth issues so that we will claim our power. Take heart, courageous one, for in choosing your power, you choose life.

Leo is ruled by our beautiful, powerful Sun that radiates light for all of us unabashedly. The Sun has no reservations on how big, bold, and bright it is, it just shines. This is the axiom for Leo, just show up and shine. Now this is easier said than done but this New Moon in the sign of the jungle king square Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, opposing Saturn, the planet of stability and boundaries, brings with it the courage and pressure to show up.

These last few years have been filled with more than the usual share of turmoil, fear and uncertainty which has many of us cowering like scared kittens and this New Moon is here to ask our lion hearts to lead us. Ask yourself these questions during this New Moon window and answer fearlessly;
1) What are you not into but doing out of duty?
2) What fear are you allowing to loop in your mind that keeps you small?
3) What part of your life has become WAY too serious that could use a little lightening up?

Write down your answers to these questions and there is your New Moon homework to show up. With grace, get out of duties that are not filling you with light. Of course, you can’t blow off your daily duties that keep life going, (Saturn would have something to say about that!) But what are you committed to that is an option that puts out your fire? Change that.

Sic your big brave lion on your fears and have him/her keep them in the corner for a few days and feel how it is not to entertain those thoughts. With courage, start working on controlling your mind from thinking those fears over and over. And last but not least, lighten up a bit! Get playful and go for a fun romp or do something creative and playful, particularly in an area where you’ve gotten way to heavy.

Another powerful examination to engage in during this New Moon is asking yourself where you need to believe in yourself. Is there a dream you desire but have it hidden in a box with your self-doubt keeping it hostage? With curiosity and spark, bring it into the light and dream it bigger. What if you promoted this dream just a bit? Just take one pussy cat paw step forward towards it this weekend and pretend like you are as big as the Sun! This practice will help you to show up for yourself and shine the light for yourself and consequently those around you. Go get ‘em tiger!