ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Libra – October 6th at 4:05 am PDT

By Madame Dana Zia
This New Moon is winging in on the back of Pegasus with the Sun and Mars as companions and they mean business! Mars, the Sun and the Moon are all at 13 degrees in the relationship sign of Libra with Mercury sitting with his feet up in later degrees in Libra. (He’s in his rest retrograde till the 18th.) Mars is the planet of action in astrology, our inner dude, that is full of purpose and drive. When Mars is conjunct a New Moon at the same exact degrees — things happen. This is happening the same day as Pluto turns direct after being retrograde since April, so that brings another flavor of to this New Moon of connecting with our deep desires and forgiving ourselves from our perceived darkness.

New Moons are when the Moon is lined up with the Sun so you don’t see her because her illuminated side is facing the Sun. The New Moon is seen in astrology as a wonderful time to start anew, wash the slate clean, forgive and move forward. It is also an excellent time to take a few days to reflect on your past month and see how the new month could be improved… or not…. by that consideration. With the Moon, Sun and Mars almost exactly conjunct in Libra the energy of this Moon is triple amplified and it has purpose.
So what is the purpose of this Moon? To unravel that, let us look at the intent of the air sign of Libra. This path is about learning the art of relationships and developing an understanding of what it means to be in conscious equal relationships that are balanced. To do this successfully, one must learn to be vulnerable and intimate with another. One must be able to put themselves in the viewpoint of another so that one can have deep compassion for that person. But it also has to have the right balance (keyword) with having healthy boundaries and making sure your needs are met as well as the person you’re in relationship with. Libras forget that they need air to breathe once in a while, and that it helps keep the balance.
So this triple powered New Moon in the sign of relationships flavored by Pluto, empowers us to make peace in our relationships, personally and collectively. We can choose to forgive those that we don’t agree with and see them as another human being that is made up of the same stardust as ourselves. This doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our personal values or space to do this, but to understand their viewpoint has value. We can have win-wins instead of compromises.
During the next few days, take a deep look in your life at where you would like to take action in your relationships. Where can you commit to making them better, clearer, more committed, or is it time to fly away from one? If a relationship in your life isn’t working, no matter how hard you try, this is the Moon to step away to get some air. Libra is very intuitive, so tap into that soul knowing of what you can do to reset your relationships and just do it!