ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Libra today September 25th at 2:54 pm – What needs balancing?

By Madame Dana Zia
We have a hopeful New Moon in Libra breezing in on September 25th at 3pm to bring balance to life’s cares. This New Moon takes place closely after Fall Equinox happened on Sept 22nd when the light and the dark are perfectly equal. Because of that, it invites us to focus on what needs balance in our lives and don’t sweat the small stuff. (Repeat after me: There is no such thing as perfect…)

Libra, who is the great ambassador of the zodiac, is an air sign. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and relationships, graces Libra with her blessings. Therefore, it is devoted to beauty but the beauty Libra cherishes is relationships and human interaction. Libras LOVE to enjoy conscious, equal partnerships that come together in collaboration for a higher purpose.
I like to view Libra as the sign of the legendary round table of King Arthur where no one is at the head or the foot of the table. All who sit at the table are equal and their thoughts are all welcomed. Libras also crave balance and will sometimes toss their input out the window in order to bring balance to a situation. In doing this, they are losing the plot of their superpower which is to use their skills to align everyone’s ideas, INCLUDING THEIR OWN!
This New Moon reflects that with the old saying, “As above, so below” to bring balance first to yourself then to others. Jupiter opposes this Moon/Sun and will illuminate what is out of whack in your relationships. Are you people pleasing too much? Are you running around like a whirlwind trying to get too many things done before winter and forgetting to honor beauty around you? Are you not caring for yourself? Jupiter always blows the energy up into a big deal, so allow it to point the way to what relationships need some care and consideration.
Venus is conjunct Mercury retrograde close to the Moon/Sun during this New Moon, which means that there might be some changing of your mind or heart that will bring equilibrium to a sticky relationship or challenging situation. Keep your mind and heart open during this New Moon and you will pick up the wind to blow your energy in the right direction.
The most powerful way to celebrate a Libra New Moon is to first and foremost, care for yourself. Get outside with a loved one and breathe in the fresh fall air and marvel at the change of seasons. Nature is in the very act of bringing balance to her seasons by changing. How can you mirror that? Stay kind and find a win/win with your loved ones and yourself. The energy is ripe like a plum for deeper more considerate connections.
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