ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Pisces — Dream big!

By Madame Dana Zia

The New Moon in Pisces swims in on gentle tides March 2nd at 9:35 am PST. This is a very optimistic Moon filled with hope, promise and a license to dream. It couldn’t come at a better time when the world seems lost to war and tyranny.

Pisces is the sign of the old wise one, merge master, artist and the psychic sensitive. It is a water sign that is represented by the Ocean that refuses no river. The planet Neptune is the modern presiding planet for Pisces and is happily sloshing about in Pisces now. Neptune spends 14 years in a sign since she takes 164 years to go around the Sun and has been there since 2011 and until 2026.

But this year is different for the sign of Pisces, Jupiter is there right now and that is a game changer. Jupiter takes 12 years to revolve around the Sun (a lot faster than dear dreamy Neptune) and he is amplifying the Pisces energy. Jupiter is the planet of new horizons, opportunities and expansion. Whatever he touches, he intensifies, be it good or otherwise.

Jupiter is conjunct the New Moon and Sun giving this event a BIG dose of Pisces. It is blasting open the floodgates of consciousness, imagination and creativity. No matter how bleak the news is, this New Moon conjunct Jupiter is going to send out waves of hope, possibility and alignment with higher ideals.

Personally, this New Moon is a fabulous time to dust off your dreams and possibilities that have been shelved since the pandemic. Give yourself the gift of unearthing them and washing them clean in this hopeful New Moon. Write them down, paint or draw them. Give yourself creative license. If you spent this whole New Moon creating art, walking in nature or dreaming, you will have used this time wisely. Word to the wise, this Moon could also bring compelling desires to escape into activities which make you feel dull and brittle. Chose consciously where you want to spend this gift of a Moon.

This New Moon is also going to stimulate the “feels” in a big way. Jupiter is expanding the Pisces energy and the “Oceans of emotions” is a huge part of this sign. There will be waves of feelings crashing over you but this is the beauty of being on Earth, we FEEL! And with Mars, Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn at the same time, we will be experiencing deep powerful feelings that could make us feel like we are going to capsize. Just ride the waves, they will alert you to your inner workings so that you can know better how to guide your boat in these waters.

Overall enjoy this dreamy gentle Moon by doing activities that stimulate and bring you alive. Love and connection are in these stars as well so make a conscious effort to reach out to loved ones. Relax, turn off the screens and allow your dreams to bloom!