ASTROLOGY: New Moon in Pluto is time to do inventory of our personal darkness

By Madame Dana Zia

The New Moon in hard working and honest Capricorn is upon us at around 9 pm tonight January 12 PST. This could be a very interesting New Moon! (I know, I know, not what you wanted to hear.) It takes place at 23 degrees Capricorn which is the same degree that Saturn and Pluto first aligned at in January of 2020 to kick off this whole wacky wild year! And there is more, it is conjunct Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn. (Not to mention a bunch more aspects but let’s focus on just that.)

I guess the time for a conversation about Pluto has come. Pluto, our very furthest planet in the Solar System (yes, astrologers still consider it a planet no matter what) takes 248 years to orbit the Sun. Pluto was named after the Roman god of the underworld and definitely lives up to his name. When Pluto comes into a transit astrologically, things get very intense. His job is to transform by stripping away what is stuck and dark to bring rebirth. Pluto initiations often open the door on our fears and the dancing skeletons in the closet so that they can be seen and laid to rest, once and for all. Then we can be reborn again, fresh and new.

When Pluto and Saturn (the planet of structure, culture and laws) first met at 23 degrees Capricorn last year, it started to reveal the dark cracks in the foundations of our culture. Jupiter then soon joined them, which was the first time since 1894 BCE, and took this transit and expanded its effect and, lo a behold, we had a year for the history books!

With the Moon and the Sun meeting at that same degree WITH Pluto we are invited to look back on 2020 and take personal responsibility for our dark underbellies that need to be restructured within us. As above so below and as within, so without. Take a deep and unflinching look at what dark cracks are within us that need a remodel to transform ourselves and our culture. We have all seen them this year, crawling out of our locked closets and from under our beds to haunt us. This is an excellent time to really acknowledge them and decided to befriend them and put them to bed.

This New Moon has a potential for more chaos and revelations so the most important thing we can all do is focus on what we can change within ourselves. It takes place in the sign of the sea goat that can climb mountains and swim deep oceans. Honor the mountains you have climbed and oceans you have swam this year. This year was not wasted, it was a year to wake up and restructure our culture by starting within each of us. Plant the seed of intentions for this next year on this fertile and powerful new Moon and rebirth some ideas you thought were lost.