ASTROLOGY: New Moon In Scorpio with partial solar eclipse 10/25/22

By Madame Dana Zia

The Goddess of Transformation is afoot!
A very potent Scorpio New Moon partial solar eclipse beamed in at 3:50am today October 25, 2022. This is the opening gateway into the magical season of Scorpio where there will be two eclipses and blessings from Venus. Put on your witch’s hat and cape, take out your wand and make some magic out of the muck.

Scorpio is a power sign that loves to bring passion to everything it does. If there isn’t life force energy involved, then there is nothing of interest to a Scorpio. Go big or go home. It is also the sign of going deep into the cauldron of transmutation. Scorpios dig interesting alternate forms of transformation that can accelerate growth like therapy, rebirthing, shamanic work, and the occult. Going deep into the unknown is the realm of the Scorpio.
Take the power of transformation with the New Moon partial eclipse in Scorpio, and then add the sparkling magic of Venus in there, and you’ve got intense power. Venus is conjunct this New Moon almost exactly and just a few days ago, she was conjunct the Sun exactly in the last degrees of Libra for the first time since the late 1800s. She is now traveling with the Sun for a bit and moved into Scorpio with it. These are potent times my friends! The Goddess is alive and magic is afoot. This is the rise of the Goddess of balance, truth, justice and diplomacy.
Venus is the planet that represents heart expansion, relationships, what you value, love, art and beauty. (To name a few.) With her conjunct the Sun, her rays of energy blend with the Sun and beam out lots of her juicy energy. When she aligned with the Sun in Libra for the first time in more than a century, the blended beam of energy they are putting out is the value of connection. It is also a time to reflect on balance in relationships and what you need to contribute in order to attract healthy relationships.
Venus then takes that energy into Scorpio, and that energy is transmitted out. We are back to the cauldron of transformation and magic! This energy isn’t always easy like a walk in the park but will bring with it some steep terrain that must be climbed to bring meaning to your life. With the eclipse energy in there, you might see some things in your life that you have become complacent to that you can no longer turn a blind eye to. Don’t ignore it! Gather the courage from this potent Scorpio energy and use the magic in the air to bring transformation.
This is the opening gateway of this energy and the closing gateway will be on the November 8th with a total lunar eclipse of the Blood Moon. The next few weeks are going to be filled with the power of these eclipses in Scorpio intermingled with Venus. Gather your candles, your magic, your courage, and weave deep and lasting shifts that are screaming to be made!