ASTROLOGY: New Moon, Saturday June 20th

By Madame Dana Zia
On Saturday at 11:42 pm the New Moon feels its way through the darkness at 0 degrees Cancer with a solar eclipse. This is an incredibly powerful New Moon since it is happening within hours of the Summer Solstice. The Earth will start to tilt back the other way and the light begins to diminish.
Eclipses come in families and this eclipse is the middle child in this family of eclipses that started with the Full Moon on June 5th and will end with the youngest bringing up the rear on July 4th. With it being the middle child and just barely in Cancer, it is a little unsure of itself. Like a baby, new to the world, it is blinking in the glaring light of what is being exposed.

Eclipses are a floodlight of truth that illuminates the things that have been hiding in the dark that we need to see. Clearly we have a lot we needed to see recently, and mostly in the sign of Cancer since two of these eclipses are going to take place there. Cancer is the sign of FEELING!! Feeling sad, upset, confused, chagrined, unsafe, unsure, ashamed, afraid, righteous, defensive and whatever, “feel” in blanks.
Cancer is a water sign that is the birth place of our origins from our mother to the great oceans. It starts with us floating in water in our mother’s wombs that keeps us safe, nurtured and warm. We are made of mostly water and need it to survive on Earth. It nurtures us and cleanses us. Cancer is that loving, nurturing embrace of water that cares, loves and keeps us safe.
With this New Moon Eclipse on the Summer Solstice spot lighting how we need to care more in the world, it is a powerful time to examine what you need to change to bring more compassion and caring into your world. Start with the amniotic fluid of the caring for the self and expand out to the waters of the world. Hold yourself, hold others, do not look away from what we need to feel to make things change. These feelings are powerful and some are painful but they are what we need to see in order to change things for a safer tomorrow for all.