ASTROLOGY: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 2021

By Madame Dana Zia
On December 3rd in the deep velvet of the night, right before midnight, the New Moon Eclipses the Sun in the seeker sign of Sagittarius. This is another full impact Moon like last month where we had a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus with the Full Moon. This New Moon is prodding us to notch our arrow of aspiration and let it fly into the dark, blinded, guided by insight.

This New Moon Eclipse is wrapping up not only the energy from the last Full Moon but also the Eclipse season from May of 2020. This is a grand finale on a very difficult year and a half. It is a potent time to reflect on what the cycle started then and what is ending now.
Remember you are the author of your story, and how do you choose to write the ending of this chapter? With the closing of one chapter, it is also time to author the start of a new chapter. How do you want to write it? What meaningful quests are calling to you in the dark of this Moon?
“To boldly go where no one has gone before.” This is the motto of the Sagittarius. This is the sign of the “seeker” that loves nothing more than a meaningful quest. The subjects that Sags love to inhabit on are “truth, justice, and the meaning of life.” Ya know, light subjects like that. Sagittariuses are motivated by the quest for meaning and the love of truth.
Mercury is also in the mix of this New Moon, so it is important to watch your tongue during this time. Ask yourself before you speak, “Is what I am going to say help or hurt?” If it is going to hurt, then breathe and let it go. Mercury in Sagittarius is notorious for sticking the arrow of truth between someone’s eyes. Remember it might be your truth, but not theirs. Be kind above all else.
New clarity will arise from this Solar Eclipse that will give you inspiration to move onward after a year and a half of starts and stops. Collectively, we are still processing but as my grandma always reminded me, “This too shall pass.” Meanwhile start with you first. What can you let go of to begin again? What inspirational quest summons your adventuresome self? Breathe life into your tired soul with hope and new visions.