By Madame Dana Zia
Right after dawn on the morning of the 23rd of February, the Moon will be dark in the spiritual and sensitive sign of Pisces. Whenever a New Moon happens, it means that the Moon is conjunct the Sun, who blots out its light. This is always a powerful time to go inside and connect but with this New Moon in particular. No rushing about with this New Moon or you will be going backwards, fast.

Pisces is the last sign in the Zodiac, as Spring Equinox is the astrological New Year. The Sun and Moon are sitting still together in the quietest place of the Zodiac, holding space for rest, silence, dreams and reflection. Since this is the last New Moon in the astrological year, it is a potent time to take time to contemplate on the year gone by. This is not a time to reflect on conquests of goals and money made but on how much we gave of ourselves. How much did we love? Where could we love more? Or less? Did we put our love and attention in the places we want to nurture and grow?
Also the Sun and New Moon are conjoined (right next to each other) with Mercury who is retrograde. As you’ve read about Mercury retrograde in my past posts, it is not something to be feared and fainted over, but is a time to fade back and listen. With Mercury in Pisces, it is about listening to our soul’s voice, our deep feelings. This takes silence and seclusion to hear this quiet inner voice that we normally steam roll over with our busy lives. It won’t be hard, if you carve out the space, to sink deep into the Pisces Ocean and marvel at the beauty of each moment. Commune and trust in the process and in Spirit, however that looks for you. Read poetry, listen to sublime music, do ecstatic dance, and creating art are a few magical ways to embrace this lovely dreamy New Moon.
This New Moon has a few other powerful transits going on with it, such as all THAT Capricorn (lots of planets in it) and Jupiter in Capricorn Squaring Venus in Aries. These aspects create an undercurrent of the desire to DO SOMETHING to change the world and protect it against the demons that dance tauntingly on our screens. My advice to you, take this precious day off. Turn off all screens and make art, food, poetry and flow with the tides. Suspend judgment and let your soul’s voice guide you through this mystical New Moon. Believe, even if for just one day.