ASTROLOGY: Peace on Earth and Rainbows

By Madame Dana Zia
We have lots of planets changing places for the holiday season, ya know, just to make it MORE interesting. To kick it off, Mercury went retrograde on Friday, November 16th, on the same day that Venus went direct. This is most unusual! As you know or have experienced, when Mercury goes retrograde, things can get wonky, but with Venus’ action of going direct after being retrograde for 42 days, that helps to mitigate this. Mercury will be retrograde till December 6th.

Let’s discuss Mercury for a bit because it is something we are all going to experience. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as well as in Mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury not only rules communication but it also represents coordination. When Mercury goes Retrograde, we feel it in all things communication and coordination. In our day and age, it is actually kinda of mind numbing how much communication and coordination we do and rely on. Think computers, emails, cell phones, syncing up, downloads, uploads, contracts, videos, movies, etc etc.
All these winged God thingies can experience instability during Mercury retrogrades. So, back up your computer and cell phone then exercise the under practiced art of patience and kindness. Things don’t always go as planned during these 3 weeks and it’s nobody’s fault. Please try not to take it out on anyone. Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to take a look at how addicted you’ve gotten to your phone and plan to take some time out of the digital sphere. Pick a day to put your phone down. I know, it probably instills a sense of panic in you to think about that but you can start small with a couple of hours here and there to work up to it. Try going for a walk without your phone. Novel idea!
On the other side of the sun, Jupiter made its yearly move from one sign to the other on November 8th. Jupiter is called the year star because it moves through one astrological sign every year. It left Scorpio where it had been juicing up that passionate sign to stir up all kinds of attention towards sexual issues and transgressions. (Think “Me too” movement.) This was compounded by the fact that Venus (She represents our inner feminine) was retrograde in Scorpio. Now Venus has gone direct in Libra and Jupiter moved into Sagittarius. All of the angst and hot cauldron of Scorpio energy will now get shot out of a bow, to create a rainbow and peace on earth.
I’m sorta joking, but there is some truth in that. All of the energy that has been stirred up will now have a very strong chance of being used in positive and powerful ways. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer who seeks targets to place their arrows and loves to make things happen. This riled up energy can be elevated and used to make the world a better place by you, me and everyone with the right placement of the arrows. Aim carefully. Where do you want to send this energy?
On top of all that we have beautiful blue Venus moving forward once again in Libra, the sign of group collaboration and connection. Venus likes it there and it is music in the air and love in our hearts. Libra lends an airy vibe to Venus’ already sweet and calm nature, encouraging us all to strive for greater peace in our lives alone, and with others. She’ll be there till December 2nd adding to the push in the right direction.
This is all good medicine but we have to take it in for it to work. So breathe, find peace within yourself first, and then share it with those around us. Peace on Earth and rainbows, be it. At least for a few weeks. Stay tuned……