ASTROLOGY: Pisces Energy 2/19/18

By Madame Dana Zia

Are you feeling it? The late winter sun has just moved into the tender sign of Pisces to join Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron. The emotions are flowing free and agonizingly as we are all feeling the pain of the latest school shooting.

Pisces is an adaptable Water sign, an ever-changing sea of emotions. It’s the last sign of the zodiac, the place where the lines that divide and define us fade away. It’s about mixing and meshing to the maximum degree and the time to go swimming in the infinite cosmic sea. Pisces lives beyond the limits of time and space at the edges of identity where the singular self fades back into the collective human spirit from which we all came.
With all this Pisces energy the normal filters are weak and we feel the pain of our fellow earthlings. Pisces understands that we are not individual fish but all connected by the ocean of consciousness that flows through us all. Harness this “merge master” and tender emotions that are flowing within this Pisces energy and do something for peace.
It is a also a good time to still your waters of busy-ness and take some “me” time to sense your own defining edges. It is easy to lose yourself in all this watery flow but a delicious time to connect with yourself and your higher power. Limiting screen time during this intense Pisces time is also a good idea. Channel that time into creative and/or spiritual pursuits as Pisces is the sign of the mystic poet and the artist.