ASTROLOGY: Pisces Full Moon on September 20th at 5 pm – Practice random acts of kindness

By Madame Dana Zia
The Pisces Full Moon swims in on September 20, 2021 at 5:00 pm and gives us a gentle hug for being brave and glorious through this summer of intense ups and downs. Things come to an end in Pisces, especially the feeling that we are different or better than others. Pisces is the merge master that shows us that we all float in the same ocean.

Ok, let’s face it, there has been some uptight energy in the atmosphere. I know it’s felt like this has been going on forever but this Moon can give us the well-deserved break from the anxiousness with a bit of conscious effort. It’s a great time to surrender up the thoughts that make us “out of sorts” and let go into the flow.

Surrender is a very powerful force that lies at the core of Pisces. This is not about surrendering to the power of another person or to any external force. It is about surrendering the struggle of having to make it happen, to push, to shove and to grit our teeth and force it. It is also about knowing you are not alone but held in the luminous light of the Universe. Allow help and gentleness in.

This full Moon has Neptune, the planet of peace, love and dreams, close enough to effect the energy of this Moon to give it an extra sprinkle of sweetness. Pay attention to your dreams, which Carl Jung called the language of human consciousness, and see what they reveal. Record your dreams down for the next few days and see what they communicate to you.

Embrace compassion for yourself and others during this Moon phase. Consciously work on being kind for a few days. Dwell on the positive and what you are grateful for and notice how things lighten up. Give yourself permission to curl up with that book that you’ve wanted to and take a break from reality. This is also a powerful window to take a break from screens. Take a walk outside and LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME! I know, it’s a scary thought but you will be amazed at how you feel afterwards. Try it! Maybe even go so far as to commit to doing it once a week. (twice a week?)

This Moon asks us to adjust how we see the world and bring in more peace, creativity and beauty. It reminds me of the saying by Anne Herbert, “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Just for a few days, give yourself permission to do this, particularly to yourself and this energy will radiate out and touch all around you.