ASTROLOGY: Reach out for the Super Full Moon for a Hug!

By Madame Dana Zia
The Super Full Moon is at 100% illumination at 7:35 pm PST tonight April 7th right as it begins to rise! This is very beautiful and doesn’t happen too often so make sure and get outside (a safe distance from other people) and let it shine down on you! Most of the West Coast seems to have clear skies so this is an excellent opportunity for us to look up and realize, there is more out there than our little spaces we are occupying.

In fact, this is the tone for this Full Moon in the community minded sign of Libra. The energy being beamed down to us Earthlings is one of hope and interconnectedness even when we feel separated, isolated and uncertain. This Moon reaches out to us with open arms to let us know, we are all in this together and we will get through this together because after all, we are one.
I had a teacher explain it once to me that we are all made up of energy that comes from the same source but becomes different parts of the whole when we embody. It is like the single jets of gas that come out on a gas BBQ and when you light it, all the jets ignite to make one fire that comes from the same source. This Full Moon is here to remind us that we all come from the same source and we can all work together, even if we are apart, to shine the light of compassion and love.
Collective thoughts and actions will ripple stronger during this Full Moon and can help us to think, feel and act outside ourselves. It is so easy to become so internally and personally focused right now with all the “Stay inside! Stay Safe!” orders being encouraged, but this Moon is asking for you to reach out in ways that are safe, to help one another.
Get out of that closed, tight, scared place that is so easy to fall into and see what you can offer the world. It doesn’t have to be a trainload of respirators to make a difference; it can be a phone call to a friend that is struggling, a donation to the local food bank or to go pick trash up off the beach. This community minded offering will also help you to feel more connected and part of the solution in these times where we all feel so helpless.
Our lives and communities are altering and shifting right now and these things we are unable to change, but we can change how we give and how we approach this situation. This Full Moon is offering us an upgrade on our reality through reaching out with a helping heart.