ASTROLOGY: Rebirth of compassion

By Madame Dana Zia
Since the Full Moon eclipse on June 5, 2020, we have been in a very interesting tunnel, trying to find our way out. It’s dark in there, the lights are off. We are feeling along the walls and know that if we shift our perception of the situation we are in, we will find our way out. But how to shift.that.perception….. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Today (June 12th) Mars, Moon and Neptune are perfectly conjunct at 20 degrees Pisces, the sign of the compassionate healer. This conclave is in a dynamic square with Venus retrograde at 18 degrees Gemini, the sign of the shape shifter. This alignment is full of compassion and hope, and has the power to shift our perceptions.
Mars, the planet of action and male energy, is conjunct Neptune, the feminine planet of spiritual evolution and the Moon is there giving her mother’s blessings to the union. It is as if she is touching the heads of Mars and Neptune and saying “May you never forget compassion, even for a moment.” This is of utmost importance!
Squaring this holy moment is retrograde Venus, who has just been “reborn” as a morning star on Tuesday the 9th, so even though she is still retrograde, she is out of the underworld. She is breathing in the fresh air and her morning star view with the new awareness of being alive again. She is squaring the holy union in Pisces and lending her blessing to it as well, rebirth and seeing things differently.
This day is a very auspicious day to make a compassionate shift in your perception to be reborn again. Set your course for changing how you see things. Open your heart to deep love and compassion and find a new way to approach your life, community and the world. It is needed and required now!