ASTROLOGY: Sag Full Moon June 17, 2019

By Madame Dana Zia
Opportunity knocks! The Full Moon in Sagittarius happened June 17th at 1:30 am PST at Galactic Center. Plus this Full Moon is ripening in a conjunction with Jupiter that is square Neptune. The Jupiter square Neptune is a very significant planetary cycle that is beaming in the desire to be the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION of ourselves. If we can dream it, we can be it! It is just a matter of getting out of the way.

A square is a 90 degree angle between Planets and this is a dynamic aspect, also translated as an aspect that is forcing involvement. I wrote about this Jupiter square Neptune last week to open the conversation about this Full Moon. Here is an excerpt from it:
“With Jupiter and Neptune squaring with each other, which creates a tension between the two, this can be a marvelous opportunity for creativity, inner seeking and imagination to swell and blossom. But there is a caveat, we find ourselves struggling to make the time to let this happen. We can easily get caught up in the delusion that everything else is more important!”

On top of that, this Full Moon is occurring at the center of our beautiful galaxy the Milky Way, and it illuminates higher wisdom and connectedness to our own centers. As Above So Below. The ancient Mayans saw Galactic Center as the womb of the Great Mother and with that in mind, we can see this Full Moon window as an opportunity to give birth to our most precious visions.
This is a powerful exchange of energies that is opening the doors for so much inner connectedness. By facing your fears, feeling those forbidden emotions, and honestly taking time to slow down to understand them. This doesn’t seem easy, but really it is. It is about letting go of perceptions of what we “think” and drop into the deeper peaceful part of ourselves.
I committed June 1st to take 15 minutes a day to do nothing, empty my mind and feel. The first few weeks of this was so hard! I wanted to speed up as the Sun neared Summer Solstice, not slow down. But now that I have been doing it, I am beginning to crave it. It has also allowed the subtle energies room to breathe within me. I am feeling so fulfilled from this small practice of slowing down.
I invite you to take this beautiful Full Moon window to create a small practice of doing something that will brings you peace. The doors are open for you to step in … Please come in!