ASTROLOGY: Scorpio Sun

By Madame Zia

“We seek not rest but transformation. We are dancing through each other as doorways.”
–Marge Piercy

The sun moved into Scorpio on the 22nd right on the heels of Jupiter moving into Scorpio for a year on the 10th. Mercury already there and Venus moves into Scorpio on November 7th. Time to get to know Scorpio, which is important as it is the most misunderstood sign of all of them.
Scorpios are no light business, they are intensity incarnate. They are a great source of passion and life force. They evolve through death and rebirth and regeneration. Scorp teaches us how to shed our old worn out skins and peel away the dead useless layers to uncover our gleaming and glistening core. They are unique and courageous, patient but not tolerant. They are warriors in their own right, but their battle is mostly with themselves. They are edge walkers that walk the fine line between going too deep and not deep enough.

Any planetary transit through Scorpio invites us to consciously walk the edges of what is dying and what is being birthed with opportunities for willfully (purposefully) creating a new paradigm ecstatically aligned with Divine Love and Divine Will. There is no one way to do this that is better than any other, however the process is more gracefully created when we embrace what is unfolding while releasing any attachments to specific results.
Most of us will experience varying degrees of fear around the edges of what is changing. Although some may try to avoid these new unfamiliar edges the changes are already in motion and new edges – like new frontiers – are emerging. Edges are dividing lines between things or where one thing leaves off and another begins. There are edges between cultures, races, belief systems, paradigms, and people. There are edges to our homes, to our communities, to our differences, and to our choices. Everything has an edge and indeed everyone walks an edge of some kind. So why not choose to explore these edges with openness, curiosity, passion and awareness?
Whenever a planet is traveling through the Scorpio Realm – it is an opportune time to find safe and healthy ways to explore and accept your feelings, with the purpose of experiencing ecstasy. Finding safe healthy ways to clear yourself of the emotional trauma you’ve been holding is often overwhelming, so it might be helpful to find a skilled facilitator.
Any process that provides a safe space for getting in touch with our deeper feelings such as breathwork, body oriented counseling, shamanic journeying, and whole being integration techniques are powerfully supportive during this time. Also remember you don’t have to make this complicated either, (Scorpio’s are famous for making things complicated) just take time to enjoy your feelings and allow them to flow the next three weeks. It will serve you well!