ASTROLOGY: Second Full Moon in Aquarius! Opportunity knocks… again

By Madame Dana Zia
About an hour before Sunrise, at 5am PDT today August 22nd, we experienced a true blue Full Moon in Aquarius. A true blue Moon is when two Full Moons happen in the same sign. Full Moons happen every 29.53 days and so on a very rare occasion, every 2.7 years to be exact, we get two Full Moons in the same zodiac sign. So when you hear “Once in a blue Moon” that means every 2.7 years…or so. Another bit of trivia is that blue Moons only happen in a zodiac sign every 19 years or so, so this Moon is very special.

This is an opportunity to do the Aquarius full Moon again, a cosmic freebee. It is also a big curtain call for Leo season because the Sun literally moves into Virgo at 3pm today and the Leo show is over for the year. Jupiter joins the Full Moon party shining brightly next to the Moon serving up restlessness and possibilities with a dash of craziness. This alignment can bring overwhelm and heavy judgment down on ourselves and those around us. But it also beams out interesting ideas and pathways to fix the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.
Let’s start with talking about Leo our dear big hearted lions of the galaxy. Leo is ruled by our glorious sun and therefore the Leo job is to shine like the Sun. The only job a Leo really has to do is show up. Now that is easier said than done as showing up means really loving yourself 100% for who you are, no matter what. Radical acceptance. This seems to be a strong theme collectively this year as we are being required to look at inequality in both ourselves and our culture. This starts within each of us to radically accept ourselves so we can accept others. Particularly since the Sun is conjunct the royal star Regulus found in the heart of the Lion constellation, radical love is beaming down!
Then Aquarius — which is the water bearer constellation that is pouring stars out of its vessel onto the Earthly plane. The project of Aquarius is to have the courage to expand consciousness within and without them. The Aquarian philosophy is outside the box of ordinary reality. This is about connection to universal values: higher love, higher truth, community and objectivity. The two Full Moons in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter is punctuating the need for us to think bigger than ourselves and act with higher values in our collective.
This is an excellent time to tune in with yourself and commit to making your community a better place and therefore a better place for you and your family to live in. As above, so below. As within, so without. This weekend is a powerful opportunity to shine radical acceptance into the world and ourselves to evolve our personal and collective viewpoint. Making this world a better place starts with us.