ASTROLOGY: Spring Equinox 3/20/18

By Madame Dana Zia

Spring equinox dawns this morning at 9:15am PST and it comes the enthusiasm of a bunch of rams romping in a meadow. The Sun which just moved into Aries, joins Mercury, Venus and Uranus who welcome the Sun playfully in this ambitious sign. Spring has sprung!
Spring equinox is one of the two days a year that the light and the dark are perfectly balanced. (Fall equinox being the other one) This day is like a still point where we take a collective breath and shift from the quiet Winter self-exploration to the Spring’s energetic “go get em!” This still point is particularly pronounced this year because Mercury in Aries is SLOWING down and will go retrograde on the 23rd for three weeks.

But with the Sun moving into Aries the energy will shift, and it will shift big. This huge energetic shift represents the start of new life and a new cycle. This is the start of the astrological New Year as Aries is the first sign in which we line up the wheel of time with.
This courageous Aries energy is the perfect juice to start meaningful new projects, take action and put yourself out there. Plant the garden and seeds of what you want to grow for this strong pulse of life energy will surely support them growing roots, buds and fruit.
Mars is still squaring Chiron and the Sun so this is an excellent time to take ownership and responsibility of your life and releasing wounds and old set beliefs that might be getting in your way of bouncing into your new chapter and getting what you want.
Committed action to a noble and worthy cause is the way to move forward. Get physical and join a hiking group or a rock climbing club. Move your body, this is the best way during this Aries energy to clear the mind and move forward.