ASTROLOGY: Spring Equinox and the Shadow illuminated by the Full Moon

By Madame Dana Zia
This is one of those rare years when the full Moon lands right smack on the Spring Equinox—on March 20, 2019, in North America. This only happens three times a century, on average. Plus, it’s the third and final “supermoon.” Enjoy the extra-bright equinox full Moon Wednesday night! It will be worth going out to visit especially since we’ve had such clear nights lately here in the NW.

The other super cool thing about this super Moon is that since it is happening on the Spring Equinox it is occurring at 0 degrees Libra while the Sun is at 0 degrees Aries. This is the degree of new life being born. Most indigenous tribes around the world all picked Spring Equinox as their new year because of the obvious; it is when the Earth wakes from her winter slumber and new life pushes forth. Their new year was celebrated at 0 degrees Aries with letting go of the woes of old man winter and welcoming the child of spring.
With this Full Moon taking place on this EXACT degree it is a powerful time to let it illuminate what winter woes you are letting go of and then spring forward into new life. To punctuate this, Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces till the 28th, so we have the opportunity to see our emotional baggage that we feel attached to even though we can feel it weighing us down. Do not look away, do not hide from the light. Let this Moon shine its light into that shadowy region and give us the courage to face it. After all, Aries is one of the signs most blessed with courage.
This is particularly woven into this Full Moon because Chiron, the planetoid that represents the place of the original wound, is setting right next to the Sun and opposing the Moon. So even though we want this alignment to be all jolly and playful, it has a shadowy element to it. Chiron in Aries is about having the courage to say “It hurts” but not allowing that to derail you.
As we enter a new season, consider what wounds are being exposed. Sometimes Chiron is about where you stand out – you’re the outlier. Aries is the pioneer and warrior – always the first into the breach. Always taking the first hit. Challenges like these give Aries life, so consider how pain and new life are manifesting for you. What are you starting that makes you uncomfortable? Where are you pushing, even though it hurts?
Take strength in the New Year and know that the first steps to moving forward are seeing what is holding you back. See them in the light of this Moon, acknowledge them, and reach back with the knife in your teeth and cut the cords that bind you and be free. It is that simple… and that complicated.