ASTROLOGY: Super Full Moon in Virgo Tuesday!

By Madame Dana Zia
The Full Moon on February 19th at 7:53am PST falls in the earthy sign of Virgo and is the most powerful Super Moon of the year. This Super Full Moon is also potent as it falls at zero degrees of Virgo. Zero is the number of potential and limitless opportunities. Zero is the blank canvas of all creation, signaling that this Full Moon is really going to offer infinite potential and deep insight.
Super Moons occur when the Moon is closest to Earth and on February 19th, the Moon will be at its closest point all year! Tonight is the night to go out and behold this glorious Moon where she will be residing in the sky with the royal star Regulus.

Regulus is the brightest star seen in the constellation Leo, right at its heart. It is among the brightest in Earth’s night sky and anytime a celestial body crosses near the heart of the lion, such as this full Moon, it is a time to find your strength and courage to tackle something that has been nagging you. Particularly with a Virgo full Moon, this gives extra juice to tackle organization projects such as that garage full of stuff that has been hanging around your neck. (Spring cleaning anyone?)
Venus is exactly conjunct (right next to) Saturn at 16 degrees Capricorn for the next few days. With the love Goddess Venus conjoining the possibly judgmental Saturn in the full Moon window with the heart of a lioness, it is truly a time to guard against judging others and withholding love. Instead, may we focus on acknowledging others for their strengths and modeling by example.
On top of that, Mercury conjoins Neptune at 15 degrees Pisces, which is the symbol for “in a quiet moment, the flow of inspiration happens.” What a lovely full Moon to open to inspiration! Remember that when Mercury is conjoined Neptune is a bit like Mercury retrograde but dreamier. Communication is like talking underwater so can be garbled and unclear. Trying to push the river for fast communications and hurrying will result in frustration and futility.
Slow down a bit and walk, talk and illuminate your life with grace in light of these events the next few days. It is a powerful dreamy window we are in that could get mangled with judgment and need for speed. This is a potent time to reflect on where you need to shine your light in your life and take some courage and conviction to make needed changes consciously.