ASTROLOGY: Taurus Full Moon 10/24/18

By Madame Dana Zia
On October 24th at 9:45am the Full Moon in Taurus brings an intense desire to make changes. This October Full Moon is called the “Hunter’s Moon” for obvious reasons in rural areas, hunters are stomping around everywhere! On a more energetic level, it means it is time to prepare for the winter by storing up for the dark season.

Every year the Hunter’s Moon happens when the Sun has entered Scorpio (which it did on the 23rd) and so the full moon is in Taurus. This Moon beams down Taurus energy to Earth which is grounded, pragmatic, generous and pleasure seeking. Taurus loves Earth! It loves the tastes, scents, feels, and sights of Earth. I personally believe this is one reason so many people love this time of year, because this full Moon desires it so! But hang on; this year’s Moon is here on business, not just pleasure!
This year the Moon is conjunct Uranus the planet of change and revolution. (Conjunct means right next to.) This is very unusual as Uranus just entered Taurus Uranus on May 15 for the first time since 1942. It only visits each zodiac sign every 84 years, electrifying the airwaves for about eight years and disrupting the status quo. So the full Moon in Taurus conjoining Uranus last happened over 84 years ago! This is an odd mix because unconventional Uranus pushes for radical evolution and progress, while nostalgic Taurus roots in to time-tested traditions, resisting change at every turn.
On the other side of the luscious Moon we have a very intense line up in Scorpio, the sign of authenticity and passion. There is the Sun conjunct retrograde Venus, and Mercury and Jupiter all in eccentric and sensual Scorpio. Both Taurus and Scorpio have one thing in common, they are driven by desire! Taurus desires earthly pleasures and Scorpio desires experiential pleasures.
They are pushing against each other and daring each other to do something courageous, powerful and deeply interesting. You may be feeling the DESIRE to throw the baby out with the bathwater but slow down and chew your cud. Change must be implemented strategically now so as to do the least amount of collateral damage.
But this is a great time to make changes, this might be the starry kick in the a** that you have been waiting for to leave a bad habit or relationship behind. Particularly since Venus retrograde is stirring up the mix, it is a great time to work on your relationships with this energy. Is yours stagnant and kinda boring right now? Or is it volatile and unsustainable? Maybe it is time to put that phone down and stir in some Scorpio spice and Taurus earth juice into your life and see what sort of magic comes out of the cauldron.