ASTROLOGY: Taurus Scorpio Full Moon 2019 (5/19/19)

By Madame Dana Zia
The Sun is hovering on the edge of Taurus at 29 degrees conjunct Mercury at 28 degrees today, May 19th. On the other side of the pleasure sign of Taurus is Venus at 6 degrees conjunct Uranus at 4 degrees. So for this one luscious day we have 4 planets in Taurus celebrating life on this beautiful Earth.
“They are masters of enjoying and receiving the fruits of life,” as Daniel Giamario from Shamanic Astrology shared once. Taurus is about the ability to love ourselves enough to receive all we desire. It is a very feminine sign that resonates with Venus to embody beauty and bounty. It is all about receiving abundance and giving beauty and grace in return.

A little known fact about Taurus is that they are also masters of intimacy. Intimacy is a great pleasure that is highly valued by this earthy sign. They can make anyone feel as though they are the most important people in the world! And they are! As long as they return the energy and beauty to the Taurus. If not, the Taurus will swish its tail and walk away. Totally. In this short life that is consumed with enjoying as much as possible, they do not have time for anything that doesn’t please them.
Tauruses are not strangers to work however as they can yoke themselves in and pull a plow that defies reasons. The motivation for these cloven hooved Earth lovers working so hard is they do it for pleasure. Yup, you heard me right, pleasure. They know at the end of that row is a nice juicy carrot (or whatever abundance they desire) and they will go to the ends of the Earth for what they value. Value is a very important dialog for the Taurus.
One of the shadow aspects of this noble and delicious sign is that it can become greedy with consuming the delights of the Earth. Many Tauruses do not know when to stop. “If a little bit is that good…. What would a lot of it be like? Would it be even BETTER??” Consequently Taurus is known for taking a good thing too far and getting caught up in valuing greed, gluttony, addictions, over-buying and hoarding. They forget that too much is, well, just too much.
With the Sun conjunct Mercury in the last part of Taurus, and Venus conjunct Uranus in the first part, our thoughts and desires are magnetized towards what we can change to bring more beauty and abundance in our lives. If we look around us and see what we own, we can clearly see what we value. What have we gotten greedy with consuming that if we let go, we will be free to enjoy more of life?
We make decisions based on what we value and what our evolutionary intentions are. What are evolutionary intentions do we value? Are you reacting to what this culture is trying to sell us as “happiness and beauty” and valuing empty soul-less stuff? How much stuff do we really need? With Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, in Taurus for the first time in 74 years, it is time for revolutionary new insights into what we value and spend time being intimate with.
I personally am taking some hard looks at what a value and how I can shift from being influenced by the barrage of information to find my true North towards beauty. I believe that the desire to have more and more the last decade must stop and we need to value having less. Being lighter on our hooves and in our hearts is the revolution that needs to take place. What can you let go of to lighten your yoke? How can we walk in beauty more in this world of too much?
I leave you with an excerpt from a Navajo poem on the “Beauty Way”. It says it all.
“Today I will walk out,
today everything unnecessary will leave me,
I will be as I was before, I will have a cool breeze over my body.
I will have a light body,
I will walk with beauty before me
I will walk with beauty behind me
I walk with Beauty below me.
I walk with Beauty above me.
I walk with Beauty all around me.
My words will be Beautiful.
In Beauty, all day long, may I walk.
Through the returning seasons, may I walk.
On the trail marked with pollen, may I walk.
With dew about my feet, may I walk.
In old age wandering a trail of Beauty living again,
may I walk.
It is finished in Beauty.
It is finished in Beauty.