ASTROLOGY: The Hunter’s Full Moon in Aries 10/13/19

By Madame Dana Zia
The Hunter’s Full Moon in Aries arrives on October 13th at 2:08 PM PT. This Full Moon has two intense aspects, a lovely optimistic trine to Jupiter, the planet of expansive consciousness and then a transformative square to Pluto, the planet of empowerment. The pleasure and the pressure of this Full Moon are tangible.
When the Sun is in Libra the Full Moon is always in Aries. This fiery and powerful Full Moon inspires our independence and an imperviousness to defeat. It rallies our courage and evokes our primal urge to thrive. It is the rocket boosters we need to defeat the monsters that we must.

In a trine to Jupiter, this Full Moon inspires us towards the growth we are primed for. Jupiter reminds us to inhale, encouraging us to move into the spaces we forgot are ours to take up. This planet encourages us to have faith in our own ability to figure life out by showing up for it. Jupiter also drives us towards our higher self’s plan for fulfillment and with this trine to the Aries Full Moon, you will find the spark to guide you in the dark.
In a square to Pluto, this Full Moon asks us to strip away the excess, demanding that we hide behind no artifice or guise that keeps us from our power. We must grieve our sorrows, give up the buffering that distance us from our truth and come to the altar of life honest and ready to be present. Transformations can be quiet or loud, public or private, unique in the ways they appear for us, but all ask us to joyfully surrender to our empowerment path.
The Sun is moving towards Scorpio and with it the call to within. This is the first ripple of that season. When this three day window of the Full Moon is over, what lingers under the bed, under the floorboards and in the underground caves of our souls calls to us. Connect with it and make peace. We can do hard things. The Universe is there, holding our hand while we muster the courage to do this. Take heart and boldly go forward on the path that has been terrifying you. It is full of empowerment and riches.