Astrology: The New Moon in Taurus – April 22, 2020

By Madame Dana Zia
The New Moon in Taurus today April 22nd at 7:25pm is a ray of hope on our horizon! The Sun moved into Taurus last Sunday April 19th and this fresh young Sun is being met up with the Moon today on April 22nd to form a powerful combination in our sky. I find it extremely charming that this New Moon is happening on Earth day as it is absolutely PERFECT! (Whoever decided Earth day should be on the 22nd of April in Taurus definitely knew on some level!)

Taurus is the first Earth sign of spring and a sign devoted to the love and adoration of all things beautiful and Earthy. They love security, a full pantry, fresh flowers and luscious pillows. (Not to mention chocolate!) Taurus is also very much about feeling comfortable at all times and will go to great lengths to achieve it including hard work and toil. During this New Moon, we are being asked to find comfort in this deeply uncomfortable time of global lock down.
We are also being asked to change in order to make this happen. This is hard for Taurus as it will only change when it is not content and so changes to seek ease. As we have seen all over the news, many people are not changing and are trying to make others responsible for their uncomfortableness. This is a classic example of the shadow of Taurus.
We are in an intensely complex situation with the Earth right now that is reflected in this New Moon. The Moon, Sun and Uranus are all lined up in the early degrees of Taurus and square the Lord of Karma and limitations, Saturn. Uranus is the planet of change and the unexpected, unplanned and unknowable. So with all this energy focused in the early degrees of Taurus we are being required to change our relationship with the Earth for a more contented arrangement for all. But like I said earlier, we have to get very uncomfortable to change it seems and this New Moon reflects that.
In this situation, we have a choice to open our heart and minds to change or feel very contracted and limited. What can each of us do personally, collectively and globally to make this complex relationship with Earth a healthy one? Taurus while committed to beauty and pleasure also grapples with desire and greed. The New Moon is a three day gateway of introspection to set intentions for this. What are your unhealthy desires that could use an overhaul? This transit is the perfect opportunity to shift things for a better tomorrow!