ASTROLOGY: The New Moon Solar Eclipse – December 14, 2020

By Madame Dana Zia
The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the December 14 at 8:16 am is a particularly potent one, pregnant with new hope and vision. This eclipse is the bookend of the Lunar Eclipse that we had on the Full Moon on November 30th and closes the door on 2020 with the last Lunar event of the year.
This New Moon is in the merry sign of Sagittarius. “To boldly go where no one has gone before” is the motto of the Sagittarius. This sign loves to quest for truth, justice and the meaning of life through exploration and expansion of consciousness and awareness. This is the sign of the optimist, the seeker and the trailblazer. With this Solar Eclipse/New Moon happening there, it initiates all those qualities in our lives and opens us up to feeling optimistic and creates pathways to our dreams.

I suggested the practice of noticing your thoughts and the ones that you believe that are not helpful from the last Full Moon till now. If you did this, I’m sure it revealed an interesting mix of thoughts that you had been completely unconscious to. (If you didn’t do that practice, it is ok, it is easy to do. Journal down your thoughts about 5 minutes a day so you can become aware of what repetitive thoughts that you think and spot the ones that no longer serve you.)
This powerful New Moon is an excellent time to plant new and helpful thoughts that you would like to take the place of the old worn out ones you have become aware of. It takes place conjunct Mercury (the planet that represents your mind and communication) in Sagittarius so the fields are plowed and ready for you to plant positive thoughts in your brain and weed out the noxious ones. Set aside some personal power time to create intentions for this. The stars are lined up for it! Seize this moment!
Two days after this thought provoking New Moon, Saturn crosses over into Aquarius from Capricorn where it has been schooling us for the last 2.5 years. (Boy do we feel it or what?) Then few days later, Jupiter follows Saturn into Aquarius. This is a BIG DEAL friends! If you follow astrology at all, you know the talk of this year has been that Pluto, Capricorn and Jupiter have aligned in Capricorn for the first time in thousands of years. (Seriously! This hasn’t happened since 1894 BC!) Now, two of the huge players in this alignment are moving into Aquarius and changing the game. This is going to bring fresh energy and movement to the old tattered narrative that has been this train wreck of a year. Yes, hope is on the horizon!

I’ll write more on this near Winter’s Solstice as that day is going to be a potent one when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius and initiate this new energy. For now, focus on cleaning up your thoughts and planting the ones you want to grow.
What do you want your future to look like? What do you need to think to make this happen?
Dream a little, or a lot, on this New Moon. It is a magical portal to shoot your arrow of dreams into — it will hit its target.