ASTROLOGY: Uranus conjunct sun in the early degrees of Taurus – 4/22/19

By Madame Dana Zia
Today is Earth day and amazingly enough it corresponds with the first time that the Sun has conjoined Uranus in Taurus (at roughly 2 degrees) since 1942. You can’t make this up, the Universe does line up with the perfect transit at the perfect time.
Taurus is the first Earth sign of spring and is a devotee to our beautiful Mother Earth. It has a definite connection to food and the environment. Taurus explores how deeply it can enjoy Earthly delights without going into greed and gluttony.

Uranus is the only planet in the Solar System lying on its side, with its poles running East to West, not North to South like the rest of them. Therefore it has the reputation as the radical that creates change and revolution. Where ever Uranus is residing in your chart or in the solar system, change is happening there. Uranus is in the early degrees of Taurus where it will be for 7 years, but today it is illuminated by our Sun highlighting what needs to change there.
There is a caveat here, Taurus resists change. I mean, dig their cloven hooves in the ground and won’t move sort of resist. The only time they change is when it has become too uncomfortable for them NOT to change. So when Uranus meets Taurus we have the need to change Earth related issues rising up inside us all but the resistance not to do anything about it.
You know what I’m talking about….. things that might cause discomfort…. Like actually walking back to the car to get your reusable grocery bags instead of bringing home yet ANOTHER wad of plastic bags to stuff in a cupboard that is FULL of them. Or better yet, banning plastic from our lives all together! Can you imagine the uncomfortableness of that? But can you also imagine the rightness of that? How would it feel to actually align with our beautiful Mother Earth and work with her?
This is the day, today, to explore what you value about our Earth, our food and enjoying it. What values can you commit to changing now, that might be very uncomfortable, to work for a better tomorrow? What is stirring in you but you are resisting changing?
I commit personally to being uncomfortable with no single use non biodegradable plastic bags in my life starting right now. This is going to be difficult but I have had it! I crave change here and it seems no matter how hard I try, they end up in my house. Growth only happens outside our comfort zone. What can you commit to today for a better tomorrow for our irreplaceable gorgeous Earth?