ASTROLOGY: Virgo Conclave

By Madame Dana Zia
The Sun, Mars and Venus are all gathered together in the early degrees of Virgo with Mercury fast on their heels in the later degrees of Leo. Plus Bella Luna, the Moon, is coming round the bend towards this assembly and will join them all in Virgo for the New Moon on the 30th. Then we will really have a sacred Virgo container to cast our seeds into! The Moon will move on but all of the personal planets will be conferring in Virgo till September 14th when Mercury and Venus moves into Libra. It is time to do your spiritual work.

In Shamanic Astrology which I practice, Virgo is honored for being the sign of the Sacred Priestess/Goddess. Virgo is the only astrological sign in zodiacal plane that has a Goddess in the constellation and this lovely sign reflects that. Virgo is a Goddess whole onto herself, which means she/he really doesn’t need anyone else to complete her/him. However Virgo is the sacred priestess/priest of the Temples that is in service to spirit, not to others. So it is important to know that Virgo ultimately serves Spirit not mundane work or bosses.
Virgos are devoted to the sacred in life, with the richness of the knowledge of the ancient ways and rites of the temples. They have a heightened sense of detail and know when the slightest thing is out of place. They are an un-tanglers of energy lines. The weavers of sacred magic and energy and their job is to make sure the energy lines stay clear and true. Like a magnificent spider, their many sensitive feet are highly attuned to any change of energy and they respond and fix it.
This is a gift and a curse as when something is out of the pattern of the sacred it drives them nuts till they put it back and clean up the lines. This is the trait that gave Virgo’s their bad name as critical and nit-picky and has plagued them for centuries.
During the next few weeks of powerful Virgoian energy, a magical window is open to devote ourselves to the sacred in life. It is also a great time to clean up the tangled lines in our lives. Have you become buried in mundane work and life and left the garden of your scared work untended? We are being given an opportunity to attune ourselves to this work and weed the garden of clutter and clatter. Perhaps you haven’t discovered your sacred work yet, if so this is the opportunity to open to vision.
The time is ripe and plump like the plums on the trees to build an altar to what is sacred in life to you. It would be best before the New Moon on Friday and preferably out on the Earth. The altar can be anywhere and made of anything. It does not need to be permanent, just in a place that feels sacred to you. Set your intentions and commitment to your hallowed magical work and plan a course for making it happen through September 14th. Virgo calls to us to shed the thread bare shroud of mundania, clean up our messy bits and blossom the sacred