ASTROLOGY: Virgo Full Moon 3/2/18

By Madame Dana Zia
Full Moon in the sign of the Priestess, Virgo, is still in effect for the next few days. The question has come up many times, “Why has this full Moon been so freaking intense?”

Full Moon energy is well known for being highly charged, filled with anxiety and has built in release points. This is due to the fact that to get a full Moon, the Moon must be opposite the Sun in our solar system. This opposition causes tension that requires action of some sort in order to get the desired results for the luminous Moon. It is an exercise in opposites and stimulation just like the tides at the full Moon, big and dramatic.

The full Moon in Virgo requires us to acknowledge what is sacred in our lives and apply growth and progress towards it. The mood for this opposition with the Pisces sun is one of humility and “divine discontent” that drives us to seek comfort and nourishment but then drive to the dreamy sun to find and nourish our sacred purpose. If the full Moon in Virgo goes bitter, the climate can quickly turn into self-criticism, which can crash in waves of criticism until it drowns out the positive benefits of this potent sacred Moon.

So why was this full Moon particularly powerful? On top of the Moon being in opposition to the Sun, we also have Neptune conjunct the Sun making it very emotional and sensitive. Then Mars in Sagittarius squares its fire tipped arrows at the dreamy Mercury conjunct gentle Venus in Pisces. The sensitive Pisces energy feels under attack to go/do/work harder! They just want to hang out and swim in a calm tropical ocean, but no no there be sea monsters in the waves driving them towards doing…..something, anything! So now you can see why it has been so intense!

This energy can be harnessed into a very productive forward momentum towards your goals. Breathe, enjoy the ride like a surfer on the wave action to overcome paralyzing self-criticism and escapism.