ASTROLOGY: Virgo Full Moon, March 9th

By Madame Dana Zia
A GIANT full super Moon in Virgo is exposing all the cracks in our fragile and mortal existence here on Earth. We are officially in the Full Moon three day window starting March 8th, with 100% illumination today March 9th at 10:47 am PST, closing on March 10th. This is a very BIG weighty Full Moon that can bring a feeling of coming out of the dark night of the soul and seeing the preciousness of Earthly life.

What makes this a super Moon is that the moon is actually physically closer to the Earth than normal. So if it looks closer, it’s because it is! With this close proximity, the Moon will influence us all more intensely. It also has a few major aspects that are magnifying this intensity.
The first aspect is that the Sun is conjunct Neptune which is opposing the Moon (as it always is on a Full Moon). Neptune rules Pisces and the unseen so with Neptune and the Sun in Pisces gently touching foreheads while illuminated by the high priestess Moon in Virgo, we are feeling the deep pull to clean things up, within and without. This combination brings about a very perceptive and sensitive Full Moon that is an excellent time to meditate and take gentle care with yourself.
It is interesting to note here that Neptune also rules illnesses and viruses in astrology and this Super Full Moon is definitely illuminating the unseen virus COVID-19 that seems to be sweeping the planet like a tidal wave. This Moon could also reveal some practical insight into a possible treatment and cure of this virus. It is also an excellent time to take a good hard look at what unhealthy habits that you might be afraid to change and the vision and courage to finally change them.
The other big news is that Mercury, who has been retrograde for three weeks, finally goes direct! (Can I have a hallelujah?) I don’t know about you, but this Mercury retrograde has been a very intense and powerful experience of being “out of time” with the world. Everyone is being encouraged to stay inside, away from normal activities and connections. As a collective, we are all being asked to change how we communicate and interact. So VERY MERCURY RETROGRADE! It will be interesting to see if Mercury going direct and this super Full Moon changes this trend.
Meanwhile, keep calm and really, really take a look inside and do some spring housekeeping. Take out the trash and sweep the cobwebs out that have been collecting in the corners of your inner space. (After all Virgo loves a tidy space to do rituals in!) This Moon is very magical and will provide an open window to see clearly through– you just might have to clean it first.