ASTROLOGY: Winter’s Solstice 2018

By Madame Dana Zia
We are in in the den of the bear, deeply into our own personal hibernations. (I don’t know about you, but getting up at 9 am is even hard!) The winds and rains pelt against the windows, driving us deeper under the blankets. December 21st is the return of the light (hooray!) and the beginning of the dark quiet winter.
This year, Winter Solstice’s dark night is being illuminated by the Full Moon in Cancer. This is a rare event and a good omen. This Moon is also called the “cold Moon” as it comes in the very darkest time of year when we all think wistfully of the sun filled summer days. This Cancer Full Moon is a quiet Moon that emphasizes giving and doing random acts of kindness. During this full Moon window it is easy to forget that this season is not (entirely) about partying but about paying it forward and being so grateful for what we have! I recommend turning off the media and lighting a candle during Winter Solstice and quietly giving thanks.

This Moon also lights the way for the Sun to move into the industrious powerhouse sign of Capricorn. If you’ve ever known a Capricorn, you know what I’m saying! To break the complicated Capricorn down into a nut shell, it is all about right use of resources, sustainability, thinking 7 generations ahead and backwards. Capricorn begins right at the winter solstice when the light begins to return to the earth but it is also the darkest hour of the year. This makes Capricorn very good at sowing seeds about the future, hatching and implementing practical ideas on thriving. These natives to the winter are the oldest earth sign and therefore are wise and considered an elder.
Far thinking and planning are very important parts of the Capricorn so that they may get themselves and their loved ones through the long bleak winter without starving. This makes them very good at the right use of what resources they have. Very resourceful, determined and great manifestors, they are masters of the practical application of how to make things work out, usually for the better.
With all this energy buzzing in this capable sign, it is a great time to take stock of your resources and tighten the reins where needed. This is a fruitful time to set up a budget and a plan to use your resources in practical ways to make your dreams come true.
That deep silence that is like the winter snow that is quietly waiting there to commune with us if we just put down the distractions and shame. It will guide you and by taking this time, you will create more time. That is the essence of Capricorn and sustainability. Plan ahead for both you, your family and your community with this powerful energy. Think globally, act LOCALLY is also the good medicine of this powerful sign. Being grateful, random acts of kindness and planning ahead from under the warm blankets. That’s what’s in the stars. Happy Holidays!