ASTROLOGY: Winter’s Solstice 2020 – The Grand Conjunction

By Madame Dana Zia
Happy Winter’s Solstice! And what a Winter’s Solstice it is too! I’m sure you’ve been hearing all about the Grand Conjunction unless you live under a rock. (Which is entirely possible in this day and age!) Well, THAT is happening in our beautiful Solar System during Winter’s Solstice. This particular grand conjunction is Saturn and Jupiter meeting up at the exact same spot in the sky to dream and make plans. This hasn’t happened in a long time. Allow me to explain.

Saturn and Jupiter have been playing tag with Pluto in earthy Capricorn for the last year and the game got pretty aggressive the last six months. Yes, we all felt it. Capricorn is the stable and strong sign of manifestation and right use of resources. It rules government, culture, politics, finances environmental management and law and order. It is the structure of our society! So when those three planets met up in Capricorn this year, things got pretty interesting……

The intent of these three planets stirring up the mud from the bottom of the Capricorn well was to reveal to us what we need to clean up is everything for Capricorn to have clean drinking water. This was from the microcosm (our personal lives) to the macrocosm (the world at large). This was a very important year for us to see what we need to change in regards to all of the above subjects. Many of us want to run away and stick our heads in the sand but this grand conjunction is asking us to do exactly the opposite. It is asking us to look at what was revealed to clean up and make a quest of doing it.

Saturn, the planet of structure, laws and boundaries and Jupiter, the planet of possibility, growth and meaningful quests, are a powerful combo. They floated from Capricorn into Aquarius over the last week and on the 21st, they have an exact conjunction to make plans about all that mud that was stirred up. They will stay in this meeting through the end of the year, slowly growing further apart. So even though the energy is most powerful on the 21st, it is accessible through the end of the year.

Aquarius is an air sign which is very cerebral. The little squiggly lines that are its symbol represent brain waves not water. It is the sign of the scientist, inventor, philosopher, and visionary. It is very community minded, radical and free willed. Aquarius encourages us to remember the power of our thoughts and that our thoughts are potent seeds and beginnings of creation. When we have our thoughts managed, our lives can balance.

In your personal life, this is a great time to do some Capricorn house cleaning like where have you become too attached to material stuff and make financial plans to clean up debt and overspending. Reassess your earthly goals in life and give them an Aquarius facelift by managing your thoughts and adopting exciting new ideas that you haven’t dared to think before. With Saturn and Jupiter there working together, you can dream up possibilities then make a solid plan to have them come true. This is an opportunity! Go give structure to your dreams Earthlings!