ASTROLOGY: Working from the inside out; Planetary transits

By Madame Dana Zia
Well, well, well, how all you Earthlings doing out there? This is definitely one of the most interesting of times I have ever experienced on Earth and I’m sure most of you agree. Even my 92 year old Mother-in-law who is a retired nurse says she has seen nothing like this! So let’s talk about this most unusual of times and how best to utilize it for personal and collective growth. This will be a slightly longer post than normal cause there is so much going on! (Plus we have a bit more time on our hands.)

A lot has happened in the Solar System just like it has on Earth. As above so below. Saturn, the planet of limits and structures moved into Aquarius after 2.5 years in Capricorn. This is a big deal, folks, as Saturn hasn’t been in Aquarius for 30 years. I’ll write a whole other post on this but to distill it down to a bite-sized piece, it is a good thing right now as Saturn in Aquarius will bring more innovation and more brilliantly structured ideas that can help the collective. Hope is on the horizon.
The Sun moved into Aries on the 19th of March, a little early this year, which is the Astrological New Year. This is when the Earth wakes up from her wintery slumber and enthusiastically leaps out of bed and throws open the drapes. It is the time when all of Nature bounds forward into life with wild abandon and desires growth and movement.
The Sun was quickly met by the Moon on Tuesday the 24th in the sign of Aries to create a New Moon. As you probably know, a New Moon always happens when the Moon is conjunct (next to) the Sun and so therefore, is always in the same astrological sign as the Sun. So normally, this springy New Moon would bring a big leap of forward momentum into our lives after the quiet winter months. But … it was conjunct the solar system’s largest asteroid, Chiron, who represents our unmastered wounds and what we need to learn from them. This brings about a whole different feeling to this Spring. (Obvious right?) This conjunction illuminated our most vulnerable underbelly and our lack of protection and processing of it. This realization has chased us right back into our winter hideaway to re-group and re-structure our lives.
Meanwhile over in Capricorn, the sign of responsibility and caring for the Earth, we have had a large conclave of powerful slow moving planets that have been grinding away like a glacier, which has been contributing to all of this. Astrologers have been watching this with much curiosity and philosophical discussions of “what is going to happen?” This exact conjunction hadn’t happened for thousands of years and I think we’ve had our curiosities quenched. The Earth was sending us signals for many years to become more responsible citizens and most of us did not heed her warnings. So she sent her smallest army to stop us in our tracks and listen. It worked!
So here we are! Locked in our houses, fearing the little gremlins at the door and taking stock of our toilet paper. The time is ripe for some deep inner work and shifting of our priorities. Are we ready to clean out the closets of dark energy and poor management of our resources and move forward? I think so! Seize this time to literally do some spring cleaning and organizing of your lives like you have always wanted to do. With Saturn in Aquarius, you will get brilliant ideas on how to re-structure to be a more responsible Earthling and to make your lives so much more smooth and drama free. (Aquarius hates drama.) We can do this! Hope springs eternally!