ATTENTION TILLAMOOK COUNTY VETERANS: Enter to Win a Gun Safe from Tillamook County Veterans Services

Tillamook County Veterans Services are holding a multi-winner drawing in March for Surelock 8-Gun Gun Lockers – there will be up to 14 winners. As part of Veterans Services reaches out to local veterans, with an opportunity to win one of 14 lockers. The lockers provide a safe, secure storage space for firearms, which is good for families with children, or even just to keep firearms clean and safe from any potential theft.
The drawing is open to any Tillamook County US Veteran. To enter, call Tillamook County Veterans Services at 503-842-4358, and their names will be added to the drawing.

The event is in support of Veteran Suicide Prevention Awareness, and our goal is to reach as many veterans in our community as possible. The more they know about our department, the more they can come to trust us as a support system if they (or a veteran friend) are ever in need. This is part of our ongoing public outreach campaign, and it gives us a chance to meet and talk with Veterans in our community, including some that we may have never met in the past.
The lockers were donated to Tillamook County Veterans Services from multiple sources to including Pierce Arms.