Be Sure and Vote – Support for Mary Faith Bell

Please take the time to vote in the upcoming election. Many of our citizens have fought and died for our cherished freedoms and one of those freedoms is the right to vote for the candidate of our choice. I hope you will support Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner. I have known Mary Faith for the entire 12 years I had the privilege to serve as a Tillamook County Commissioner. To put it frankly, she is one class act and well deserving to be the next Tillamook County Commissioner.

When she was a reporter and editor of the Headlight Herald I believe she attended almost every weekly Commission mtg. and learned a lot about the process so she can hit the ground running. By the way, I found her reporting fair and unbiased. I also got to know Mary Faith over the years in her roles on other public service bodies such as serving on the TBCC Board, the Chamber Board, the Tourism Advisory Committee and her role in leadership at the Tillamook Regional Medical Center. Here’s what you will get if you choose her. You will get a person who listens to your concerns and follows through on them to get to a resolution. You will get a person who has good interpersonal skills, builds relationships with broad groups, is not afraid to make the tough decisions, has a high ethical tone, is positive, encouraging and realistically optimistic. She has the right balance between confidence and arrogance and the right balance between humility and insecurity. She resolves conflicts without burning bridges. She sees the big picture. She can and will make tough, sound decisions on time. Yep, she’s the real deal. Please vote and please vote for Mary Faith Bell as the next Tillamook County Commissioner.

Mark Labhart
Sisters, OR