BOC Candidates Campaign Financial Information

EDITOR’S NOTE: A correction to Betsy’s letter – Adam Schwend has received $10,000 in cash donations from the Oregon Realtors Political Action Committee, and the other donations from ORPAC were “in-kind” donations, totaling over $38,000. PAC’s (political action committees) are neither “for-profit” or “non-profit”.
For comparison, go to this link for more information about candidate’s campaign contributions –
Dear Editor,
According to the Oregon Secretary of State campaign finance website, as of 9/27/2018, Adam Schwend has accepted $38,283.99 in cash contributions from the for-profit Oregon Realtors Political Action Committee for the current election for Position 3, Tillamook County Commissioner. For a local, nonpartisan election, I find this amount incredibly excessive and coming from a for-profit PAC, it’s hard to believe that this money does not have strings attached. We already have one Commissioner from the real estate/development community (Mr. Yamamoto,) electing Mr. Schwend will be a second. I believe a two-thirds majority on our County Commission will give way too much influence in favor of the real estate/development business over the best interests of Tillamook County.
Betsy Bredau
Pacific City