The Tillamook County Fire Defense Board in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Forestry will begin allowing burning for burn barrels and burn piles, effective Friday, September 13, 2019.
In Tillamook County, for the General Public, burning permits are required. For residents that live within a City Fire Department District or Rural Fire Protection District, they will need to contact their local Fire Department for burn permit requirements. In the remainder of Tillamook County, the Oregon Department of Forestry issues burning permits.

There is no fee for the burn permit, but an on-site inspection with the landowner is performed prior to issuing a permit. Information about burning permits and how to obtain a permit for Tillamook District is available by calling the Oregon Department of Forestry at 503-815-7056 (24 hr line), or you may contact your local fire department.
Campfires on the beach must be at least 50 feet away from vegetation, and any driftwood concentrations.
For further information please contact your local fire district or the Oregon Department of Forestry.